VisionCore Values

As a Mercy school, we embed the Mercy Values in all we do. Students are asked to consider the way that they live out the Mercy Values as these assist us in making decisions which may challenge us in life. We aim to instil these values in all our children, helping them to be active and informed citizens.

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Our Lady of Mercy Primary School Vision Statement

Our Lady of Mercy Primary takes great pride in our traditions, multiculturalism and strong Gospel values. We provide a caring school community which nurtures the integrity and gentleness of each individual.

Our staff model respectfulness and honesty through their authentic and genuine relationships with parents and students. We believe all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Our whole school community show kindness, care and understanding. We work together as compassionate and empathetic people to offer moral support of the highest level to children and staff. At Our Lady of Mercy we pride ourselves on demonstrating tolerance and acceptance for every individual.

Our School is committed to Religious Education, Sacramental celebrations and traditional teachings of the Bible. We promote tolerance, compassion and forgiveness by living through the example of Jesus and applying Christ’s values to everyday life. Our school celebrates diversity and nurtures cultural equality. hrough empathy, trust and honesty, we provide students with the foundations for developing a meaningful relationship with God and with one another. We create an atmosphere where children can develop sensitivity to others and to live in harmony.

Our Lady of Mercy Primary School encourages openness in relationships among all members of the school community and upholds a strong sense of belonging. We respect and value the needs of each individual child. We give all students the opportunity to develop the relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to achieve their academic and social goals. Our school fosters a trusting environment where children can grow as confident and independent learners.

We nurture the spiritual, intellectual and social potential of each child and assist children to improve self management skills and develop the ability to make informed choices. We create and encourage an atmosphere where individual talents and contributions are respected and valued. We acknowledge the parent’s role in their child’s education and encourage partnership.

The dedication of our passionate teachers is highly valued. With a positive, welcoming and friendly atmosphere and approachable staff, our school has a strong sense of harmony. This makes Our Lady of Mercy a sought after school of choice. We maintain a strong, whole school discipline policy supported by our fair and supportive principal and leadership team, which fosters respectful students and promotes the morals and values of our school. The needs of all students are catered for effectively through adequate Education Assistant provision, and supported through the many structures in place for students at educational risk, as well as talented and gifted students.

We work collaboratively to provide engaging programs that ensure educational excellence, this includes networking with neighbouring schools. Seeking clarification, sharing resources, making consistent judgements and professional conversations are school priorities. We empower students to become critical thinkers by teaching them the tools to effectively access and sort information. Modern technology and digital resources are incorporated to prepare students for living in a technological and changing society. Diagnostic, formative and summative assessments are used as tools to facilitate student progress and as a basis for constructive feedback. Through collaboration and reflection, student’s needs are catered for to achieve their maximum potential.

We create faithful leaders of tomorrow. Students are provided with the necessary tools and strategies for life-long learning. Learning experiences are purposeful and driven. Students leave Our Lady of Mercy Primary School equipped with the knowledge and skills required to deal with and work through life’s challenges.