School Hours and Operation


It is a legislative requirement that all children between the ages of five (5) and fifteen (15) attend school each school day. Parents must contact the office prior to 9am on 9207 7677, to notify the school of any student’s absence. Upon the child’s return to school, parents/guardians MUST provide written documentation for each absence. This is a legal requirement. The school is required to report any consistent or concerning absences. Any child with an attendance record of less than 80% is considered a concern. Under government legislation, the necessary authorities will be notified.

Arrival and Pick Up Times

Please note, supervision begins at 8:10am and concludes at 3:10pm. It is imperative your child is dropped off and collected between these times. If your child is on school grounds outside of these hours, you will be in breach of school policy.

All late arrivals (after 8:30am bell) require a parent or guardian to escort the child to the front office and be signed in by an adult.

If you fail to collect your child by 3:10pm, a parent or guardian is required to enter the office (where your child will be waiting).

School policies support the care and welfare of our students. It a condition of enrolment at Our Lady of Mercy, that parents and students accept and abide by all school policies. Please support us in providing the best care possible for your children.

Late To School

If you arrive at school after 8:40am you must report to the office to collect a late slip. If you need to take your child before 2:50pm, you must report to the office to get an early exit slip. Both these slips must be given to the teacher.


Please inform the school if your child is sick or needs medication. Notification of absence is required by 9.00am. This can be done by telephoning the school: 9207 7677. If your child has any special needs or allergies, you must inform the office and fill out a medical notification form.

Even if your child wishes to come to school, please keep them home if they are unwell. This is not only for the safety and health of your child but also for the consideration of other students and staff.

*Action plans are required for students that require an EpiPen*

It is your responsibility to update the school of any changes to your child’s Medical Action Plan.


We encourage parents to administer their own child’s medication, whether that means attending to the child during school hours or giving the medication before or after school. If medication needs to be administered during school hours, you are required fill out a medical form which is available from the office.

Emergency & Contact Numbers

If you change your details it is IMPERATIVE that you notify the office immediately. For the safety of your child, please be sure to keep your contact details up to date by calling the school office on 9276 7677.

School Lunches

Students are required to bring a packed lunch from home each day. This includes morning tea. We are a healthy eating school and as such, healthy and nutritious foods are strongly encouraged. Fizzy drinks (e.g. Coke, Fanta etc…) are not to be brought to school. High sugar foods such as lollies and sweets are highly discouraged. Take away foods are not to be brought onto school premises. If your child would like a hot meal, the canteen is available three days week. Alternatively you can bring hot food to school in a flask available from most supermarkets. The school encourages healthy eating and independence and as such, teachers will not heat up or microwave student lunches.


Visitors to the school, including parents/guardians are required to fill in details of the visit, and to sign in and out of the school grounds. This also applies to parents/guardians who need to take children from the school for various reasons.

The School is an educational institution and as such, is a place of learning. Visits from family members and friends are not acceptable as it is disruptive to the learning that is taking place and can cause breaks in concentration and achievement.

Toys, Mobile Phones & Digital Devices

Students are not permitted to bring toys, sports equipment, iPod, iPads or mobile phones to school. They do so at their own risk.

Special Days

Whole School Mass: Masses are held at Our Lady of Mercy Parish at 9am on designated Fridays. Please check the school calendar for more information. Assemblies: Assemblies are held in the school undercover area on designated Fridays at 9am. Please check the school calendar for more information.

Swimming Lessons

Children are to wear their bathers under their school uniform to school. Please bring a bag with thongs, a towel, goggles and spare change of underwear. PLEASE ENSURE CONSENT FORMS ARE SIGNED AND RETURN ASAP. Dates and times will be sent home in both the newsletter and a separate note.

Sacramental Events

Our Lady of Mercy Primary School has strong ties with the parish. Being a Catholic Primary School all students will participate in Religious Education classes daily, as part of our curriculum. Part of this involves preparing students for their Sacraments. Non-Catholics, or those not wishing to take part, do not participate in the parish component but will learn about the Sacraments in class. This is an assessable curriculum area and will appear In the student’s report.

Jenny Watts (Parish) will liaise with the parents and teachers in the lead up to these events and more information will follow closer to the date. You will be required to attend some parent information sessions and workshops should your child participate in the Sacraments.