Initial enrolment is per a proforma supplied by the school office. It can also be downloaded below. Subsequent to this, if applicable, an interview with a member of the administration team (Principal, Assistant Principal) is arranged and a more detailed enrolment application form is to be completed. Following this interview, applicants are advised of the success or otherwise of their application.

Understanding and acceptance of your child’s enrolment

  1. Religion: Religion lessons are conducted daily and make up the core business of our school.Part of this is to promote the Catholic Ethos and live according to the Gospels. We pray three times a day and partake in fortnightly mass during school hours. When your child is accepted into our school they will a part of these religious activities and will be expected to partake.
  2. School Policies: Part of enrollment is agreeing to follow school policies, e.g. uniform policy, behaviour policy and all other school protocol and policies. Upon acceptance at the school parents agree to abide by the policies and support these actively.

A successful enrolment in this school does not guarantee enrolment in any other Catholic school.

Any misleading information on the enrolment forms or at the interview will constitute a breach of contract with regard to enrolment and the school reserves the right therefore to end the enrolment agreement.

icon-chevron-right Please download the Enrolment Booking Form here.