Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education learning area focuses on a holistic concept of health. It recognises the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of the health of the individual. It examines the impact of interactions between the individual, the family, the wider community and the environment on the health of populations. Students plan, act and reflect in order to develop the essential knowledge and understandings, attitudes, values and skills which promote health practices, encourage participation in regular, physical activity and support the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.  These are conceptualised and taught through an integrated approach to ensure that students achieve a healthy, active lifestyle, including a sense of wellbeing.

Health & Physical Education Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understandings

  1. Students know and understand health and physical activity concepts that enable informed decisions for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Attitudes And Values

  1. Students exhibit attitudes and values that promote personal, family and community health, and participation in physical activity.

Skills For Physical Activity

  1. Students demonstrate the movement skills and strategies for confident participation.

Self Management Skills

  1. Students demonstrate self management skills which enable them to make informed decisions for healthy, active lifestyles.

Interpersonal Skills

  1. Students demonstrate the interpersonal skills necessary for effective relationships and healthy, active lifestyles.


  1. In 2010, Our Lady of Mercy Primary School started the Bluearth Program.