Our Lady of Mercy Primary School

Technology & Enterprise

The Technology and Enterprise learning area relates to the processes of applying knowledge, skills and resources to satisfy human needs and wants, extending capabilities and realising opportunities. Technology uses resources, including materials (both raw and processed), tools and machines, knowledge, skills and experiences, as well as investment of time, energy and money. It involves systems for collecting, transporting and transforming materials, for storing and processing information and resources, and for communicating and marketing the outcomes. Technology also includes the processes and products that result from the technological enterprise. Enterprise involves the development and application of skills and attitudes that enable people to actively respond to and be involved in social and economic change. Finally, technology has consequences, costs and benefits that need to be considered carefully and responsibly before decisions are made.

Technology & Enterprise Learning Outcomes

Technology Process

Students apply a technology process to create or modify products, processes, systems, services or environments to meet human needs and realise opportunities.


Students select and use materials that are appropriate to achieving solutions to technology challenges.


Students design, adapt, use and present information that is appropriate to achieving solutions to technology challenges.


Students design, adapt and use systems that are appropriate to achieving solutions to technology challenges.


Students pursue and realise opportunities through the development of innovative strategies designed to meet human needs.

Technology Skills

Students apply organisational, operational and manipulative skills appropriate to using, developing and adapting technologies.

Technology in Society

Students understand how cultural beliefs, values, abilities and ethical positions are interconnected in the development and use of technology and enterprise.